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Fundraising opportunities for IYHA players and families

Acrisure Stadium and PNC Park - $100+ payouts

IYHA is teaming up with TAI again for the 2023-2024 hockey season to fundraise for your hockey fees.

For those who are not aware of this program, we are hired through Acrisure & PNC to work the concession stands. The duties consist of: taking food orders, processing payments, and light prep and closing work. Payout per person varies on the demand of workers. The average is Acrisure $125-175 per person and PNC park is $95 - $125 per person. These rates typically increase for high demand games or concerts.* The first opportunity at Acrisure is April 29th and opening day at PNC is April 7th, so please reach out ASAP to ensure you don’t miss out!

To participate, there are a few things you’ll need. 

  1. Complete your RAMP certificate - there is a $10 fee

  • When asked for the LID # please enter 48228 and send us a copy of your CERTIFICATE when training course is completed

  1. Email a copy of your certificate to Ramp certifications need completed every 2 years. If you participated in this program this past season, you do not need to complete again. In your email, please include the following: (even if you have already participated):

  • Full Name

  • Email

  • Address

  • Birthdate

  • Ramp certificate

  1. If you are interested in working PNC, you will need to do an additional training, in person. The GrandSlam training will take place at PNC Park. The training dates have not been released yet but expect them to be soon.

  2. Please provide your shirt size in addition to the above info if you plan on working PNC. PNC provides shirts for their workers. There is a $20.00 fee for shirts (mandatory purchase) This fee will be deducted from your first payout directly from PNC.

Any question please call or message Linnea @ 724-549-2765

* 16 years and up are eligible to participate. If you are 16 - 18 year of age, you will have to work utility or be a food runner, you are not allowed to run register or serve alcohol.

Raise Right (formerly Shop with Scrip)

Not sure what Raise Right (formerly Shop with Scrip) is all about? Check out the instruction form on this page and if you have any additional questions about the program, you may contact Tammy Smulik at  If you have favorite brands or know you will be buying gift cards for the holidays,  this could be an easy way to help with player fees!