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2023-2024 Season - Core Uniform Sizing Information

We have an exciting update as we kick-off our pre-season planning. With so many new members joining our organization this year, including the addition of a 16u national bound team, we are taking the opportunity to do a little rebranding.  In short, what this means for our IYHA players is, each player will need a new uniform for the 2023-24 season, even if their size has not changed since last season.  The ordering process and sizing event have due dates in May so we wanted to get you this information right away.

UPDATED INFORMATION: For the 2023-24 season, there will be a Sizing Event held at the Belmont Ice Arena on Saturday, May 13, from Noon to 2pm. Additionally, there will be a Sizing Event at S&T Arena on Tuesday, May 16th, from 6pm to 7:30pm.  If you need or want to try on a few sizes to ensure the right fit, please be sure to attend one of the two Sizing Events.  All players should bring their shoulder pads and hockey pants (for shell fittings.) No payment is taken at the Sizing Event.  They will be there just for Sizing.

As they try their stuff on, they should record their preferred sizes on the Form attached.  After the Sizing Event you will place their order online at

Orders must be placed online by  Sunday, May 21 to be included with our Bulk Delivery, arriving just ahead of the PAHL regular season Games (not necessarily placement games.)

Those who do not order by the Cut-Off date, will not be included in the Bulk Delivery.  Instead, they will pay for shipping and have their orders shipped directly to them, but may not receive them before their season games start.
We encourage all players to attend the Sizing Event.  The Sizing Event is meant for the players to try their Jerseys and Pant Shells on over their equipment to ensure the best fit.  This is important because all sales are final since the items are mostly customized.

Hockey isn't Cheap - We want to help

The Indiana Youth Hockey Association has the lowest player fees within the region while still maintaining a highly competitive player environment.  We are able to do this, in large part, due to the money raised through the Charlie Hogan Memorial Tournament we host each year. 

Additionally, we hold several fundraisers throughout the year and several of our players even raise enough to completely cover their player fees.  There are also scholarship opportunities available. It is our goal to work with families and players to ensure that the cost to play is never the reason a player can't accept an open spot they earn. 

Charlie Hogan Memorial Scholarship

This award was established by the Hogans in memory of their son in 1995. The fund is designed to provide assistance to players in need.  If you are finding it challenging to keep up with the costs of hockey, please reach out for help.  The fund is there just for families like you to use, please don't hesitate to reach out for assistance! 

Just send a letter with your IRS 1040. You can black out everything except the bottom line, gross salary.  In your letter, simply explain your situation. (ex: multiple kids playing hockey. single parent, lost job) Anything that helps explain your need, please include it, they want to help! 

Please send your letter and IRS form to the below address for consideration. 
Hogan Family, Charlie Hogan Memorial Scholarship
99 Pine Crest Dr
Indiana Pa 15701

IYHA Fundraising Opportunities

Throughout the season, IYHA works hard to provide players and families with several opportunities for fundraising to cover player fees.  Click to see all active opportunities.