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S & T Bank Arena COVID Update 1-14-21

Please see the below document for the most recent COVID update from S&T Bank Arena. 

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S&T Bank Arena Updated Covid Plan - 10-19-20

Please see the below document with the most current update from S&T Bank Arena. 

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On Oct 6, 2020, Governor Wolfe released an Amendment to the "Directing Mitigation Measures".  Please see the below letter from MidAm president Paul Day which was released following the Governor's statement. 


The IYHA Warm-UP Store is open again!

Here is the link:

Hurry up and order fast!  The store is only open for a limited time! 

IYHA Spirit Sale

IYHA Spirit Sale

Sale runs until 11-24-20.  Order now and get for Christmas. 

Here is the link:


S&T Arena Re-Opening Plan Info

The general rules are shown below and may be adjusted depending on the number of participants involved in the event (such as hockey skills camp).  Please keep in mind these rules are subject to change by White Township but they are doing their best to assist the organizations to have a safe season. 

Social Distancing and Masks - Current State and CDC guidelines

-      Lines will be displayed on floor 6ft apart to help with social distancing while in line

-      Masks will be worn by employees anytime social distancing is not possible

-      Patrons must wear a mask in common areas and any time social distancing is not possible. Children (5 and under) or adults with medical conditions are excluded.

-      Masks can be removed once a patron who is participating in a program or sport enters the area of play.  Coaches must wear a mask on the area of play if social distancing is not possible.    

-      Patrons and staff will adhere to posted occupancy levels in all rooms and areas

-      The number of tables in lobby will be limited and the number of chairs at each table will be limited to 2 per table unless patrons are from the same household

-      Patrons will be encouraged to sit in the bleachers during games, practices, etc. to promote social distancing in a larger area

-      During transition periods (ice cuts, program start/end) Staff may direct patrons to wait or relocate to promote social distancing in common areas.  

-      Patrons will not congregate in large groups (inside or outside)

-      Patrons should Not linger in building after program, ice time, etc. is over

-      Parents are asked to limit family and siblings in the building whenever possible. 

Locker Room and Meeting Room Access

-      Changing rooms will be prioritized for older groups – in most cases changing rooms will not be provided to U10 and U8. All age groups are encouraged to show up dressed. 

-      Maximum capacity in a locker rooms will be 8 and in the meeting rooms 10 – Organizations will be responsible for ensuring capacity requirements are followed. Teams will be provided two rooms when possible. 

-      Shower access is not permitted under the current State and CDC Guidelines.

-      Organizations must call ahead to request meeting rooms and should not expect access on short notice. Meeting rooms are planned to be used as extra locker room space.     


-      Our concession stand will remain closed until CDC and State Guidelines change

-      Vending machines will remain open and available.  


-      White Township staff will be diligent in enforcing this plan and has the right to remove patrons from the building who do not comply. 

-      The follow steps will be taken:

1.   Friendly reminder

2.   Verbal warning  

3.   Removal from the building 

Remember - we all must do our part to make this season happen!

18 U- Rock and Rock Cup Champions- September 25, 2020 - September 27, 2020

18 U- Rock and Roll Cup Champions- September 25, 2020 - September 27, 2020

Pre-Season Camp

Our preseason clinic was conducted for 3 days between Friday, August 21rd through Sunday, August 23.  Thanks to everyone who attended as well as Haines Total Hockey for putting together an excellent clinic.

We hope this clinic helped all of our players warm up and get pumped for the coming hockey season!

Go Chiefs!!

Haines Total Hockey conducting IYHA Pre Season Camp 8-25-2019


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